Cocky Bastards Baseball Tees for the Summer. | M&B SS14. ☀️🙏

i’m on the road to riches; i just took a pitstop off Peachtree. 💰 #VSCOCam

Chapter IV: “Jay Dot moves to Atlanta” | i even wore my Braves jersey to get in the spirit. 😎😁

it shall be a historic day in Huntsville next week. come catch ya favorite artist on stage. [cc: @juicedoc] #JuiceFest

microphone fiend. [ @lvndd with the snap. ]


French Montana Feat. Diddy, Rick Ross, Lil Durk & Jadakiss - Paranoid Remix.

me & @wyntearley know how to rock the houseeeeee!

[@lvndd on the capture.]

@bolatham on the selfie while i’m ROCKING the crowd in the background. | #CooleyFLYChronicles2

you heard the man. 🙅 [cc: @kcamp427 @lil_pooh_]

complex simplicity. [cc: @corqscru joggers & @melandbishop_clothing dashiki] #wdywt #cozyboys

southern afrodisiac. 🐓

last night was love, ttown.

hometown heroes, made in the dirty sixty-third.