me & my homie Joan in NYC a couple months back. she honorary KIPSET. #throwbackthursday

#throwbackthursday featuring OG Jay Dot Rain, my pops. young black male w/ a degree. one of the most intimidating people in the world. 💯 | full video will be on tomorrow.

flood the streets with new jay dot, they said… #evanderholyfield. (🎨: @theprblms)

stay woke…

talk down on me if you want, but you writing a check u can’t cash. 💱 #YoungestInCharge #STILL 🔛🔝.

that’s life. i’m tryna hit the finish line. 🏁

you don’t know my struggle, you can’t match my hustle. | 📷: @orgnzd

24 years later, still keepin it cool. thank God for allowing me to see another year filled with new friends & blessings beyond measure. #happybirthdayjaydot 🐻

microphone fiend. 🔥🐻🔥 | (📷: @ORGNZD) #botojamfest

history in the making. just stay tuned. 🔥🐻🔥 (📷: @2lsonacloud)

product of our environment, luckily we ain’t let that stop us. @theprblms starts a brand new job tomorrow in NYC, and i’m traveling the US & making crazy progress. tuscaloosa’s last hope. if not us… then who? (at nashville, tn | #botojamfest)

used to watch the stage, now i rock the stage. #botojamfest (📷: @jasjennings)

left the stage & ended up recording. my only focus is perfecting my craft now. (📷: @theprblms)